Effective Pest-proofing tips

Pest can ruin your home leading to unneeded stress. Calling a pro is one way of keeping your home pest proof. The following are some of the pest control tips that have been compiled by professionals.

Reducing moisture around your home

Most pests are known for thriving in areas having moisture. Reducing moisture is one way of limiting these creatures from invading your home. Some of the appropriate actions for reducing moisture include cleaning the gutters, sealing of the foundation cracks, and ventilating crawl spaces.

Keeping your kitchen clean

Food remains in the kitchen can attract insects and ants. Cleaning up of the kitchen can help you in keeping off these creatures. .this will involve wiping the counters, removing trash and sweeping the floors. Any food that remains after eating should also be kept away. The recycling bin is another place that can attract pests such as vermin. Your dustbin should be washed cleaned thoroughly to remove food remains. The drawers used for storing pans and pots should also be kept clean. Cleaning of the kitchen is a preventive measure against pest attack.

Keeping pest away from your home

Keeping pests out of your home by sealing all the entry points is one of the most effective defense measures. You should make an effort of preventing these creatures from gaining access into your home. Any hole on the screen should be repaired. It is also important to check the gaps around the windows and doors. Window stripping should also be replaced when necessary. Carrying out a proper home inspection can help you in identifying all the pest’s entry points. Any opening that is identified should be sealed using a sealant.

Using appropriate outdoor lighting

Some types of outdoor lighting are effective in reducing the attractiveness of a home to insects. Sodium vapour bulbs are good examples of such bulbs. These bulbs are also effective in reducing those predators that fed on small insects such as bats and butterflies.

Proper storage of firewood

Ants and termites are some of the pest attracted by piles of wood. These creatures can easily find their way to your home from the firewood. You should store firewood far from the shed or house. Also, it is advisable to store your firewood in racks raised above the ground.


Hiring pest control professionals

You can always call a professional when the problem gets worse. The safety and wellness of your family are very important. Calling an expert is the best way of protecting your home from pests.