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rat trap
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Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission, Vision & Goals


The mission of the Bellingham Whatcom Economic Development Council, a public/private partnership, is to provide economic development leadership and services that sustain and ehance the vitality of Whatcom County.


Our vision of the future of Whatcom County is a community that has:

A growing and diverse economic base while preserving the natural beauty of the environment.
Recognized the economic value and opptunity of its natural environment.
The needed infrastructure and public/private partnerships in place to promote economic growth.
An educated, trained and highly qualified workforce, earning wages and benefits above the regional average.

With emphasis on Retention and Expansion of existing Business, our vision of BWEDC’s contribution to the community is:

To facilitate a rate of economic expansion within Whatcom County that exceeds both the rate of inflation and the rate of population growth.
To be recognized and supported by the public and private sectors as the lead economic development agency in Whatcom County
To create effective working relationships and improve communication and coordination with our partners and stakeholders involved in economic development activity.