How to Store Your Hunting Guns at Home

rifle storage

Keeping hunting weapons safely is a necessary action that can reduce misfortunes at homes. Although the accidents that occur while handling weapons are rare, they usually have serious consequences when they do occur. Therefore it is very important and necessary to exercise maximum caution and store them correctly. Do visit Keep Guns Safe to learn different things you can do to keep your guns safe to avoid harming others.

rifleMost accidents occur because we fail to unload the gun when hunting, and some cartridge remains in the weapon. Children and unauthorized persons are the protagonists of these accidents. This occurs because the weapon is not stored in a safe place or with the percussion mechanism deactivated. Weapons should always be handled with caution.


Keep It Unloaded

After a hunting expedition, and you are sure that you have unloaded the weapon correctly, it is advisable to check that it is unloaded again before cleaning and storing it. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Follow the Law

Different countries have theirhunting rifles own rules and regulations when it comes to handling weapons. Some authorities required their licensed firearm holders to keep their hunting weapons, mostly rifles, in an approved gunsmith. Cartridges, for safety, should be stored in another place away from the firearm.

As for shotguns, it is not necessary to keep them in a gun rack, although it would be the ideal place to keep weapons away from unauthorized children and adults. Always make sure you follow your region’s laws on gun handling and storage.

Practice Caution During Weapon Maintenance

If you want your weapons to last long, you must clean them often. Gun manufacturers advise cleaning guns right after using them for hunting. Most gun accidents happen when cleaning them, so you have to be very careful and cautious. Even if you know the gun is unloaded, it is crucial to double-check and never point the gun at yourself.

Once the weapon is clean,rifle storage it is important to check the inside of the barrel to check that they are not obstructed by any mat or cloth, because if you do not realize it and shoot with plugged barrels, they could burst and cause a tragedy. Finally, set aside a nice and secluded area in your home to store your guns and ammunition. This should be an area that cannot be accessed easily by your kids or any other person. Follow these simple tips to avoid gun accidents.…