The History of the Smoking Jacket

Smoking jackets have a long and storied history, dating back to the 17th century. Initially, they were worn by men who smoked pipes, as the name suggests. However, they evolved into a more formal garments that you could wear in various settings. Today, smoking jackets are considered a classic piece of menswear, and they continue to be popular among stylish men all over the world. In this blog post, we will explore the history of the smoking jacket and take a look at some of the different styles that have been popular over the years.

1600’s Earliest Inspiration

leatherThe earliest recorded instance of the smoking jacket dates back to King Charles II, who is said to have popularized the garment in the 1600s. It is believed that the king adopted the style from Persian nobility, who wore similar robes while indulging in their hookahs.

The smoking jacket was originally intended as a form of informal dress wear, to be worn while relaxing in one’s chambers after a meal. While the smoking jacket style has changed significantly over the centuries, it has remained a staple of gentlemen’s fashion.

In the 1800s, smoking jackets were often made from velvet or silk and featured ornate embroidery.

1850 Defining the Smoking Jacket

The smoking jacket is said to have originated in the 1850s. It was initially designed as a more comfortable alternative to the tight-fitting coats that were then fashionable. The smoking jacket was intended to be worn while relaxing at home and engaging in leisure activities, such as smoking tobacco or playing cards. The early versions of the smoking jacket were made from wool or velvet and often featured elaborate embroidery. They were typically cut to fell just below the waist and had wide lapels. By the end of the 19th century, the smoking jacket had become a staple of men’s evening wear.

1999 the Return of the Smoking Jacket

smokerThe smoking jacket made a comeback in the 1990s. Designers such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein created modern versions of the garment. These new jackets were often made of velvet or silk and were usually worn as part of a leisure suit.

The smoking jacket regained its status as a fashionable item in the 21st century. Celebrities such as David Beckham and Brad Pitt have been photographed wearing them.

The history of the smoking jacket is interesting and varied. It is a garment that has been popular for centuries and shows no signs of going out of style. If you are looking for a classic menswear piece, the smoking jacket is a perfect choice.